Every Day is a Circus (English Edition)

Hello from Coyote Trail! Yes, it’s a real area in Oklahoma. I’m truly excited to share a bit of this crazy little life I lead under the “not so big” top. Wouldn’t trade it for anything, except maybe a nap here and there and a Diet Mountain Dew. I also don’t believe in wasting your time. We’re all busy. Each of these short chapters is either a blog entry or newspaper article I’ve written. My journal of sorts, you know when your day shuts down, but your brain doesn’t? Those moments when you giggle or even cry a little bit about actually making it through a day that you just knew was gonna kill ya? It’s a mom thing. Where I keep my sanity, my perspective, my memories and more than a few of my smiles and tears.  

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Book Title: Every Day is a Circus (English Edition)

Book Author: Sandy Thompson

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