FunWrapped: The Art of Extreme Gift Wrapping (English Edition)

Has traditional gift wrapping become boring? Want to find ways to make gift giving and special events more fun and exciting? Do you long to give gifts that your loved ones will talk about for years? Forget everything you know about wrapping presents, and discover the art of extreme gift wrapping. FunWrapped will help you make the boring unforgettable and turn the mundane to exciting and fun!It’s time to create memories that will last a lifetimeFunWrapped discusses extreme gift wrappings, hiding gifts and creating treasure hunts, prank ideas, and FunWraps specifically for kids. From bursting through concrete with a sledgehammer to a 5-mile hike in the woods, Sam Thoma has made his loved ones go through some extreme ordeals to get their gifts, but every time he created great memories that were fun for all involved. There’s something in this book for everyone, so find out what fun is waiting for you and your loved one.While Christmas is a great time for FunWrapping, the ideas can be used for so much more. These suggestions can be used and customized forBirthdaysParty ActivitiesValentine’s DayEasterDate NightsMarriage Proposalsand more You can have loved ones defuse “bombs”, crack safes, break through ice, solve riddles, hunt through a city, perform operations, search for treasure in a park, and so much more. All of the ideas are fun and exciting and they will inspire you to come up with new ideas of your own. Forget the gift bags and wrapping paper. Download FunWrapped: The Art of Extreme Gift Wrapping to have some real fun!Make sure your next gift creates lasting memories by using The Art of Extreme Gift Wrapping. Whether you want to be nice or mean, dirty or clean, there is something in this book for everyone. Discover what FunWrapped is all about!Why wait to start planning the next birthday, Christmas, date night or other special event? It will be here before you know it, so scroll up to the top of the page right now and click the BUY NOW button.

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Book Title: FunWrapped: The Art of Extreme Gift Wrapping (English Edition)

Book Author: Sam Thoma

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